A Revolutionary Floor Treatment System. Retroplate System offers you the solution for your building problems.

Retroplate System is an up-to-date, economic treatment for concrete floors. It has been devised by Durotec Glasstone, a leader company in polishing systems, and it can be applied in new constructions and reconstructions providing real solutions for industrial floors and innovative ideas for homes and businesses decorations.

It is an ecological floor that hardens and seals the floor, making use of environmentally friendly chemical products so it does not emit any harmful substances. Moreover, it obeys health and food laws.

Retroplate System can be applied to lasting materials such as concrete floor. It also offers personalized floors achieving the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our product gives a wide variety of practical solutions for the construction industry as well as for the decorative field.


What are the benefits of polishing concrete?

  • Decorative and Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Economical
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Stain Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Permanent and Long Lasting
  • Coating Free - No More Waxing,
  • Coating or Stripping. No Peeling or Flaking
  • Increases Existing Light Reflectivity up to 30% at the Highest
  • Polish Resulting in Energy Savings


Concrete polishing is less than the cost of other concrete coating systems! Although, that's not where the savings end, it’s really the beginning. Concrete coatings can potentially fail due to delaminating, cracking, fading, staining, yellowing, and wear. The true value of a polished concrete floor is measured by its' durability, beauty and long term cost savings in maintenance. Polished concrete gives you permanent long lasting results that require no costly maintenance because there are no coatings.