Retroplate System technical characteristics are mainly based on a mechanical treatment that is done following different steps, and on chemical products that are applied in different moments.

Our company provides specific solutions such as: superficial hardness, highly abrasion resistance, impermeability and shine.

Some of these features are explained in detail below:

  • Superficial Hardness: the environmentally friendly chemical treatment creates a superficial insoluble coat that works together with the concrete itself. It can cure a 3/8 mm stratum in a long lasting term.
  • Finish Lasting Durability: Retropate System guarantees lasting durability due to its Unique Sealing System and Superficial system which is insoluble and acts molecularly with the concrete itself.
  • Easy Maintenance: one of the most outstanding advantages of Retroplate System is its low maintenance cost because of its easy application and products used. In both highly busy areas and quiet zones Retroplate System is a friendly easy solution for your floor maintenance.