For the industrial field, businesses or highly busy areas:

  • It hardens the surface, so it gives it bigger endurance.
  • It decreases the wear and tear that is caused by machinery rubbing.
  • Its highly thickness avoids annoying tyre marks.
  • It hides the marks produced by acids or substances that are used when handling food or operating machines.
  • It is a dust free floor because it cannot be shelled.
  • It protects highly busy areas providing them a stunning natural shine.
  • It is a non-slippery floor.
  • It improves the planimetry of surfaces.


For the decorations of homes and businesses:

  • It allows plenty of options and textures.
  • Its wide range of colors helps create artistic designs satisfying the fantasy of the most demanding customers.
  • It is a modern and avant-garde solution that fulfills the necessities of both modern and classical customers.
  • It provides practical solutions for a very demanding technical market.
  • It offers an amazing adaptability when important changes are asked.